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You have to be a part of LinkMC for 3 weeks, (Dont try and lie in your application we can see when you joined the server.)

You must have no bans/mutes/warning, (We can also see if you have been punished before so dont lie about that either.)

You must have discord with a clear mic.

You must be 14+ years old.

You cannot lie in your staff app, (or it will be denied immidiatly.)

You have to be able to record footage of atleast 720p 30fps.

You must be detailed with your answers, answers that are either yes or no or very simple and vague will be decliened, you must give examples/proof of your claims.

You must answer all questions in the staff appliction. (listed below)

Format: (Copy and paste the format into your staff application)

Minecraft Username?



Why have you decided to apply for staff?

How much will you be on the server daily/weekly?

Do you have a clear mic to communicate via voice chat?

Have you been previously banned/muted, if so, why?

When did you join the server?

Do you have previous staff experiance? If you have give examples/proof.

How will LinkMC benefit from having you on the staff team? Give examples of things you can help improve.

Are you staff on any other servers? If so show proof.

Do you have an issue with any other staff members that will stop you working with them?

How well do you understand the rules?

Do you understand that staff cannot be toxic in any manner and you must treat all players equally? Staff members are role models to other players, so you cant be acting up.



6 months ago

Server Rules:

    General Rules: 

      - No asking for staff.

      - No asking to staff to read apps.

      - No donation refunds.

      - Respect Staff and Players.

      - Don't ask for OP.

      - Item scamming is allowed.

      - Donation scamming isn't allowed.

    Chat Rules:

      - Spamming is not permitted.

      - No advertising other servers.

      - Do not ask for staff.

      - No exessive use of caps.

      - No advertising Twitch/Youtube/URL's

    PvP Rules:

      - No hacked clients.

      - No exploiting any bugs.

      - No hacked items.

      - No combat logging.

      - Respect players when dying.

      - No abusing donation/staff powers

Forum Rules

      - No spamming

      - Use the right forums for the right thing.

      - Don't disrespect other users/staff members.

      - Don't beg for staff roles or unbans, ect.

      - No ban evading.

      - No exessive use of swear words.

      - Don't be toxic.

      - Don't post inappropriate links, images, ect. 

6 months ago